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11 August 2010

juco for the moment

today was about my budding potential affair with the young photography team.  Flirting dangerously with seriousness, JUCO somehow manage to avoid annoying their rambunctious, mythological side.

other juco work is strikingly reminiscent of the recent art basel phenom, and purveyor of the spectacularly right on, alex prager. 
both share that retro 70esque coloring and minimalist suburban spaces and interiors as well as casting heightened attention to women in the throws of mediocre middle class malaise. when form and content begin to emerge in the works of multiple artists simulataneously it used to mean that a new movement may be under way.  now, it could just mean they don't have to travel anywhere or even buy a magazine to copy someone else's vibe. hopefully i'm wrong about that.
these two small ones are alex prager

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