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18 July 2010

jaime martinez asks to be heir apparent

jaime martinez declares the boldest and most definitive blur of video and photo of the digital age and proposes a new way forward for the image. will anyone listen? maybe they shouldn't. martinez has teamed up with m.i.a. and is intent on being the musician's visual priest. while martinez work is surely stunning and boundary shaking, he risks falling into/ capitalizes on a strengthening trend - female pop stars moving into the realm of high art. martinez is trying to link m.i.a. with a groundbreaking technical manipulation and a potentially potential new artistic medium in the hopes that the star herself can be the piece of art. in such a process, "the artist" is the designer, the celebrity and even the innovative technique. the goal is to replicate andy warhol, jeff koons, and damian hirst's trademark move in reverse. whereas these artists moved from gallery success and art world acclaim to pop culture celebrity, the likes of m.i.a. and gaga seem determined to come in the back door. it is not so unfathomable to imagine martinez's moving pictures and gaga installations against the white walls of berlin and chelsea very soon.

this blog can't support this type of work. only checking out the link will bring you these amuse bouches

check out the animated gif series on for the best collection of martinez's non-mia work.