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02 December 2008

Week Eleven (Matta Clark's Spaces)

Gordon Matta Clark spent his short career making strange and poetic environments. He examined the processes of demolition and creation, choosing mostly on abandoned and unused building to construct temporary installations.  These photos are documentations.

Personna - Pixelated Self

Mapping - The Belt Buckle View

Week Ten (Smithson)

Robert Smithson was inspiration for the emulation project.  I've compiled a range of photographs that represent the breadth of his work in order to emphasize the non spiral jetty Smithson.  Smithson's fans (like any true Nirvana supporter who knows smells like teen spirit is a good song but not their best) recognize the importance of Spiral Jetty should not outshine these other artistic moves.

01 December 2008

Week nine (Narratives)

Jeff Wall

Interestingly, the Allen has a large print of this photograph

Charlie White

Louise Lawler

I didn't know this was yours Pipo until after I first published it.