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12 July 2010

Rust__ Rococo

My show this Friday at the Lemon Grove in Downtown Youngstown.

The Lemon Grove CafĂ© will be unveiling a new space inside the establishment dedicated to the display of rotating art exhibitions. The Gallery Lemon Grove’s first show, Rust__Rococo, will feature the work of seven local artists who undress a sensual aesthetic from the ruin around us. 
Their work unearths the lush, the curvaceous, the vibrant, the smooth, the solid, and the sexual from apparent barrenness. They indulge. What these artists create is a new aesthetic of abandon. Rejecting the macabre pantomime of aimless nostalgia and refusing to be overcome by the heavy shadow of memory and doubt, these artists invigorate and reconquer how we understand our wasted landscape. By doing so, they expose how our rust can empower, not suffocate, our future.

                                                    Jimmy Hagan and Leslie Cusano

Steve Poullas
Don Attenberger
event poster